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Viking Age Art: The Urnes Style

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Viking Age Art: The Urnes Style

The Urnes style was the last Viking Age art style and it appeared in the second half of the 11th century and continued into the early 12th Century. The style was named after the northern gate of the carved Stave church door at Urnes, Norway. 

The Carved Door of Urnes Stave Church, Norway. Source: Wikipedia)

However, most objects that feature the style are runestones, in Uppland, Sweden. This is the reason some scholars refer to the style as the Runestone style

An early Urnes Style Runestone from Uppland, Sweden. (Source: Wikipedia)

The art style is characterised by stylised animal motifs that are interwoven into tight patterns seen in profile with slender eyes. The style is further browken down into early, mid and late styles and it appears on all kinds of objects from coins, to wood, to bowls and jewellery.

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As the last of the truly Viking Age art styles, the Urnes style became mixed with the Romanesque style from the 12th Century onward, around the time that the practise of carving Runestones also stopped. 

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