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Viking Days of the Week

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Viking Days of the Week

Many of the days of the week that are used in the English language derive from Latin and the Romans, but others come from Viking sources. 

Sunday: derives from the Latin Dies Solis, meaning Sun's Day, which was a Pagan Roman holiday.

Monday: from the Anglo-Saxon Monadaeg meaning Moon's Day

Tuesday: Named after the Norse God Tyr, god of War, Law and Justice. The Romans also named Tuesday after their War God Mars: Dies Martis

Wednesday: Named after Odin, or Wodan

Thursday: Named after Thor, the Norse God of Thunder.

Friday: This day was named after Frigg, the Norse Goddess and wife of Odin. 

Saturday: Named after Saturn, the Roman God. However, in Swedish it is Lördag; and in Danish and Norse: Lørdag, meaning Washing Day and all derived from Old Norse. 

So now you know why we say 'Thank Odin it's Frigg's Day!'

“Frigga Spinning the Clouds” by John Charles Dollman (1909)

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